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About Charlie

Born poor & humble in SC in the mid-70’s, Charlie was a long-shot to be anybody.  His parents, however, were stubborn and pulled themselves up out the squalor to build a better life for themselves & their children.  This era included his mom’s run as a gospel singer at churches & revivals, where Charlie soaked up a plethora of classic Southern Baptist hymns. His childhood was also filled with a healthy mix of oldies, beach, country, & easy listening music.


After 17 years of doing nothing worthwhile, Charlie made his way to the College of Charleston where he studied Philosophy.  That’s when he knew he’d need a backup plan.  His guitar & voice became that plan (great idea, Charles). 


With some talented friends, he founded a bluegrass group called The Biscuit Boys and they conquered a dive bar.  2 years later they were packing the joint every week.  After opening for legends like Del McCoury, Tim O’Brien, John Cowan, blah blah blah, the Biscuits picked up & moved to Nashville (an even better idea, Charles). 


After recording their studio record with guests Sam Bush & Rob Ickes, they landed a deal with Bobby Cudd at Monterey Peninsula Talent Agency.  He put ‘em on a few dates with “the best mullet in the business” (a.k.a. Travis Tritt) & a slew of other gigs like the Opry Plaza Parties, CMA Music Fest (then called Fan Fair), House of Blues, folk & hippie festivals, etc.  The Biscuits then cut a live record at the World Famous Station Inn that was more representative of their sound.  It sold dozens!

The Biscuit Boys unfortunately had a legal dispute with a very popular Country music artist & were forced to give up their name (they now bill as The No Dough Boys).


So, after a couple of years, a couple of band member changes, and a couple of single digit tax returns, they bagged it for more glamorous gigs (i.e., they needed jobs).   Now Charlie has a classic American family & fancies himself as Harry from “Sultans of Swing.” 


He continues to record & perform music with his pals, most of which are unfamous but wicked players.  


His son has Type-1 Diabetes, so Charlie is asking folks to drop some dimes on JDRF if they like the music.  They’re a great outfit who’s raising awareness & funds to eradicate this terrible disease!  

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